Effects of Resonance

Resonance Trait Max Max ATP/per turn Detection Range ATP Consumption Die Penalty
1 5 14/1 10 feet
2 5 18/2 20 feet
3 5 22/3 40 feet -1
4 5 26/4 80 feet -1
5 5 30/5 160 feet -2
6 6 40/7 320 feet 1/day -2
7 7 50/10 640 feet 1/12 hours -3
8 8 60/15 1,280 feet 1/10 hours -3
9 9 75/20 2,560 feet 1/8 hours -4
10 10 100/25 1 mile 1/4 hours -5

Recovering ATP

Characters can recover ATP a variety of ways, pretty much all of which require something or someone be consumed. Infected can eat almost anything organic. Slime-covered broccoli and half-rotten steaks are no problem. In addition, the infected character's sense of taste is greatly altered to actually enjoy this sort of sustenance. The mutated flesh of chimeras has a wonderful bouquet and even the flesh of human being smells sweet and delicious.

Good Meals/Energy Drinks: A hearty meal or an energy drink gives you ATP for each serving. However, each additional point requires one more serving to get: you get one point for the first plate at the buffet, but you need two plates to get a second point and three more to get a third.

Eating Flesh: Eating raw, freshly killed meat — or living creatures — restores ATP. One point of lethal damage hands out one point of ATP, but cooking it removes that benefit, making it merely a good meal. Also, meat has a tendency of going bad quickly; it lasts from one day to about a week without preservation. Keeping it in a freezer can make it last for a year, but a character having large storage full of meat of suspicious origin in their home has its own risks.

The flesh of another Infected or a Chimera additionally contains as much ATP as the creature had but denaturing at a rate of 1 per minute, so the grisly feast must commence quickly.

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