Subversions revised


Every level makes the regeneration rate roughly x8 faster than it was before.

second [regenerates naturally at a 1/turn rate]
(skip) 8 seconds [may spend PP to heal several points of damage in one turn]
minute [may spend PP to recover 1 damage]
(skip) 15 minutes - Bashing
2 hours
day - Lethal
week - Aggravated

Level 1:

[i]Regains a point of Bashing damage every minute, Lethal damage every hour, and Aggravated damage every day.[/i]

The Infected can heal his minor wounds with PP. Spending 1 PP heals 1 point of Bashing damage instantly.

Level 2:
[i]May spend PP to heal X Bashing damage in a turn. Aggravated heals every hour and Lethal every 15 minutes.[/i]

Refresh: Roll Stamina + Resonance and spend 1 PP. Each success heals 1 Bashing damage instantly.

Level 3:
[i]Bashing naturally heals at 1/turn. Lethal heals per minute and Aggravated every 15 minutes.[/i]

The infected may spend 1 PP to heal a point of Lethal damage.

Level 4:
[i]Can spend PP to regain X Lethal in a turn. Aggravated heals every minute.[/i]

You can spend 1 PP to heal a point of Aggravated damage.
Roll Stamina + Resonance and spend 1 PP. Each success heals 1 Lethal damage instantly.

At this level, the Infected can regrow complex organs. Essentially, if the player so wishes, they can remove any Flaws associated with phisycal injury. This is done at the player's own discretion.

Level 5:
[i]Can spend PP to heal X Aggravated in a turn.[/i]

The infected is an unstoppable beast, naturally healing 1 Lethal damage every turn.


May well be the most frightening to look at in the Infected's arsenal. The character literally pulls himself together from chunks and bits on the floor,

Roll Stamina + Resonance and spend 1 PP. Each success heals 1 Aggravated damage instantly.


Not even death can now stop the Infected. If the Infected dies, he loses a Resonance DOT and is born again. The process take about 8 hours.

Note: Every Infected has the power to reforge their body supernaturally fast, even without having this Subversion. This requires letting the infection run rampant thorough their body - a tough choice, but sometimes at death's door it may seem the only option. The Infected either makes a Fusion degeneration roll or triggers Blackout.

//Additional guidelines:

Assume that every regenerative action has an estimated time requirement and complexity. When you add a Regeneration level, move the required time down by one rank. Stuff becomes possible as the time/complexity becomes rank 6 or lower.

0 second
1 8 seconds
2 minute
3 15 minutes
4 2 hours
5 day
6 week
7 month
8 year
9 10 years
10 100 years

3 Healing Bashing damage
5 Healing Lethal damage
6 Healing Aggravated damage
7 Regrowing smaller appendages (fingers)
8 Regrowing complete limbs (arms, legs)
9 Regrowing complex organs (brain, heart)
10 Complete rebirth from a single cell
11 Complete rebirth, plus memories intact//

Adrenal Control

Having mastered the control over his adrenal glands, the Infected can send a burst of chemicals through the body to provide him with a rush of energy.

Cost: 1 ATP per turn
Dice Pool: Unlike other Subversions, this power grants bonuses to several other die pools once
activated. You cannot activate Adrenal Control multiple times, but you can continue to spend ATP
each turn to keep it up.
Action: Reflexive. An Infected can activate Adrenal Control at the start of initiative if he wants to.

Effect: The character's dots in this Subversion are added to any rolls involving Strenght, Dexterity or Wits. All derived stats (Defense, Speed, Initiative etc.) are modified accordingly. If the Subversion is activated at the beginning of a turn, the Initiative boost from the Dexterity increase is applied when determining order.

In addition to the above, the chemicals act as natural stimulants and painkillers. The character can ignore a number of negative modifiers brought about by deprivation, pain or fatigue equal to the dots in this Subversion while it is active. For example, if the character is drugged (-1 penalty), hasn't slept for two days (-4 penalty) and has damage in his second rightmost Health box (-2 penalty), and has 4 dots in Adrenal Control, the -7 total is reduced to -3. (Similar to as if he had the Iron Stamina merit - the effects pf the two stack if a character possesses both).

[Note: This Subversion replaces the original Adrenal Control and Vigor, both of which were copies from Vampire.)

Comparison with Celerity:
The extra Defense provided by Adrenal Control (through raising Dexterity and Wits) is never applied against firearms. Even though the character can react a lot faster, he does not have supernatural speed; he can not outrun a bullet.

[Note: "Take control of a mechanical device." may be a dot 1 Incorporation power]

Incorporation is a frightening power that allows a character to fuse his body with technological items.

Look at the equipment list on the WoD rulebook (page 140) for ideas what a character may use. Merging the body with weapons (page 169-170) is also a popular choice. Storytellers should also make up their own devices.

Every object merged with the body is still mundane everyday technology without a supernatural edge. If it gets damaged, the character's Craft (or Computer, for advanced technology) skill is required to fix it. Some characters also use those same skills to make upgrades, or to invent new devices to implant onto themselves.
Technology that requires a roll to use still uses the relevant skill: Weaponry, Firearms, Larceny, Drive, Computer, or Crafts. Some extremely advanced objects may use Science.

The level of control on each level of this subversion is as follows:

1: At this level, the character can draw objects into the body. He can not yet manipulate them otherwise. He also needs to reach into the body (spending an action) to retrieve merged objects.
2: The character grows muscles around the object, allowing him to manipulate it hands free. He is only capable of simple commands of the pulling a lever/pressing a button variety (the muscles are not yet strong enough to do much else), and spends an action to do so. He can push objects to the surface reflexively if he wants.
3: The character can spend ATP to operate most devices without a power source. Bio-fuel is created for a merged car, biolelectricity to operate a computer or other electronic device, an absorbed gun can fire chunks of bone instead of bullets and so on.
4: Automated body. The character can now monitor and control multiple functions of a merged device reflexively as if it was his own body. Complicated changes still require an action, but once he jump started a device he can keep it going reflexively (like keeping a gun firing, or fueling a car while driving it).
5: The character can merge his consciousness with software.

Cost: 1 ATP to merge with a new object
Dice Pool: Manipulation + Crafts + Incorporation
Action: Instant

Specific powers:

- Compartionalize
The character can draw objects into his body to hide them. This can only be done to any object no larger than Size 1. The entrance wound closes automatically, and re-opens if the character wants to retrieve the item. Metal detectors and X-ray machines WILL sense the object, and the character's own weight also increases with the extra mass.
At rank 1 the character must spend an action to reach into the body and retrieve something.
At rank 2 pushing items to the surface of the body is reflexive. Anything that can be activated by a push of a button (eg. a flashlight) can now be, though it costs an action to do this still.
Finally, at rank 4 a tool can be broken down to pieces and reassembled reflexively, meaning that if something can be reduced to pieces Size 1 or smaller and fit into the character's body, it can be manifested without having to spend time putting it together. (This does not reduce the time required for such feats, it only frees up the character's actions. If a sniper gun takes 2 minutes to assemble, then that is how much time it is going to take, even if the body does it automatically.)

The limit of how much can be stored inside a body is usually the character's own Size. As long as the sum of the absorbed objects' Sizes does not exceed this number, it is probably fair game. Note that the system ranks most objects by their lenght, not their overall bulk, so having 5 Sizes' worth of material inside one's body is not the same as having the entire body replaced with metal. (Though some characters may come close.) As usual, the Storyteller has the final say on what is possible.

Walking around with a body of metal however, is difficult. Check the rules for encumbrance on page 48 of the WoD Rulebook to determine the penalties a character may suffer to Speed and Athletics, Brawl and other roll without the neccessary Strenght to caryy all this weight.

- Mobile Factory:
Having an automated body may provide bonuses on many crafting rolls. At rank 2, the character can work faster and more effectively, reducing the time needed for forging, repairs, or upgrades. At rank 3, ATP can be converted into resources that the character does not have. Purely bio-generated material is limited to bone, chitin and similar Durability 1 commodities. The ATP spent may however represent changes to other materials that was "fed" to the character: the inner workshop can forge simple metals into powerful alloys and do other similar tricks. In essence, the character can spend ATP to increase the Durability of a small amount of avaliable material by 1.

- Arsenal
Perhaps the most frightening option, the character turning his body into a living weapon.
1: The character can merge his body with armor. This provides no bonus, but skin regrows over the armor, making is unnoticable (at least as long as someone decides to touch or punch the character).
The character can also merge his body with melee weapons. If this is done, then he can apply his Brawl skill to rolls involving a melee weapon instead of Weaponry. Drawing these objects partly into the body also has the following effects: the weapons natural damage bonus is reduced by one, do to the shorter overall reach; the minimum Strenght to use the weapon is reduced by 1; all attempts to pry the weapon away from the character in a grapple suffer a -1 penalty, but if the opponent succeeds, the Infected character suffers a point of Bashing damage; actions that would allow another fighter to knock the weapon out of the character's hand (such as the Disarm merit) without resorting to grappling automatically fail, and attempts to target the weapon suffer a -1 penalty. The weapon keeps any additonal advantage that it had (such as 9-again or armor piercing).
2: The character can merge his body with firearms, and pull the trigger hands free.
3: The character can spend ATP to keep firing a weapon once the ammo chamber is empty. (As mentioned above.) 1 ATP provides the character with 3 extra shots (or a short burst). At rank 4 this is 10 bullets or a medium burst, and 1 ATP can create a grenade (to be used as a thrown weapon or fired from a grenade launcher). At rank 5+ a single ATP completely reloads most weapons, or can create artillery shells like rockets.

Stealth shots, pop-up weapons & multiple shots:
At rank 2, a Size 1 gun can be pushed into the body and fired as a surprise attack, or a Size 1 knife can be pushed through the skin as an attack against someone that the character is grappling with. These tricks still cost the character's action, but disallow that the opponent applies his Initiative (if not yet engaged in combat) or applies his Defense for the turn. Obviously one weapon can be only used like this only once per battle - the same person will not fall for this twice. Characters also be warned that keeping their "finger" on the trigger like this can be dangerous - surprise or scare can make the character fire the weapon as a reflex even if this was not intended.
From rank 2 forward, producing or putting away an internalized weapon is also a reflexive action.
From rank 4 can also fire multiple weapons at the same time (as long as they are all at least part internalized). This does not allow the character to multi-attack as the shots still need to be focused, and the character only has one action to do that. Instead, each extra weapon fired either gives a +1 to the character's roll against a single target, or allows for another person to be be caught up in the rain of bullets (the character makes the same base roll against the extra target). If any of the weapons are capable of autofire and uses it, it adds the bonus from that on top of this.

- Tech affinity:
At rank 3, the character adds Incorporation to rolls that involve operating electronic devices, provided that he can merge himself with some sort of control panel/interface. These rolls must in some way involve controlling the hardware. (Bypassing security systems with Larceny, trying to set on a TV or radio, driving a car etc.) At rank 5 the bonus also applies to reprogramming any device that uses internal software (computers - even othe rcomputers, if they have an internet connection-, mobile phones, and others).

Characters with the "Fevered" symptom have this as their preferred Subversion.

The character can convert ATP into electricity, or various solid and liquid materials that can fuel devices.

Bioenergy 1: - Recharge a lighter, a torch battery, a pocket radio, a cell phone etc.
Bioenergy 2: - Reload a pistol (1 ATP for 6 bullets)
Bioenergy 3:
Bioenergy 4: - Fuel a car, a train, a plane or any other vehicle (1 ATP for 6 hours)
Bioenergy 5: - Walking power plant (powering everything inside an office building or a ship or a military base).

(New 2013oct)


A device that was once Subsumed carries the signs with it even after it is disconnected. Pieces of flesh, bone and bodily fluids clog

Assume that you need a regular extended Dexterity + Crafts action to make a disconnected tool operable again, and to clean off any that may give the Infected away.

Incorporation 1
Cost: 1 ATP

There are usually trinkets of negligible size, and never bigger than Size 1. Once Subsumed, the object resides within the Infected's body until it is needed.

growing muscle and bone around the handle for easier wielding and covering th

This power primarily influences instruments of WEAPONRY and CRAFTS, though any simple piece of equipment can be similarly influenced.
A Subsumed piece of equipment gains a +1 die bonus and +1 Durability, for as long as it is connected to the Infected character.

Incorporation 2

At this level and beyond, if a tool the Infected uses runs out of power, he can spend ATP to refuel it. The bad news is
Power a lighter or a cell phone: no cost
Reload a gun: 1 ATP per bullet

Incorporation 3

The character can use their Strenght, Dexterity and Stamina to improve a vehicle's Acceleration/Speed, Handling, and Structure.

Incorporation 5
The Infected can merge his consciousness with software.

The Infected can manipulate the virtual realm.
He can send his consciousness to virtual realms, experiencing them as if he was physically there.

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