Groups are some of the best part of the game: they all come with their own flavors and bonuses. One aspect I wanted to add was the option to have large groups fighting against other large groups. So each group has an option to form their own small army. Outbreaks that spout out a lot of Chimera, as well as the hunter groups below, can serve as suitable enemies.

The planned factions are as follows. Both the groups and the names themselves are temporarily, if you want more changes to be implemented.

- Transhumanists (aka Evolutionaries): They advocate that humanity as a whole should be elevated to a new step in evolution with the aid of the virus and science. Their bublic face is a biotech company.

Planned gift: Biotech.

- The Society: Unborn who want to find those with the best success rate to bond the virus, and prefer to control from the shadows as a shadowy aristocratic elite.

Planned gift: Looking human, or mind controlling (or using pheromones, appearance etc.) to make mortals their puppets.

- Annunaki: The group that believes in and knows the most about other supernatural, too bad most of their information is wrong. Bunch of cultists, conspiracy theoricists and pseudoscientists, except when suddenly they are right.

Planned gift: Magic. Or psi. Whatever you wanna call it. In crossovers they are the most suited to deal with ghosts or demons. In this game they probably summon Chtulhuan bio horrors and make people's heads explode from a distance.

- Protectors: Advocates of everyone hanging onto their humanity who want to destroy the disease and find a cure for all the Infected. In the meantime, they fight fire with fire, subduing Chimera and outbreaks where they can, or fighting other supernaturals or even human crime.

Planned gift: Fighting and athletic merits that incorporate the Infected's advanced biology to perform feats that mortals couldn't.

- The Sisters of Gaia: Group that advocates that the Infected are not human and can not exist within human society. They secure (buy up) desolated, non-urban places to be used as refugee shelters for Infected who have thoroughly mutated or have other special needs. They build hives where Chimeric animals and plants coexist with humans (and Infected).Their public face is a green activist group.

Planned gift: Interacting with animal and plant Chimera.

- Free roamers: The guys who really hate The Man. Basically anyone who is fine not being part of the above. No gift.

- Hunters: The +1 group, the human hunters.

We already have "Yenerva", a good mid-tier conspiracy.
Below is also a template for a generic paramilitary "black ops" group for your game.

- The Anti Bioterrorism Initiative

This is the standard military "clean-up crew" to give the players tons of soldiers to fight against besides Chimera and similar monsters. An outbreak scene can quickly become a playing field between Chimera and these guys, with an Infected running rampant between te two.

It is said that, every now and then, the group accepts an Infected as a "special operative" (which usually means that she is sent into the most dangerous situations with little back-up or solo). While such Infected are practically owned by the government and have hardly any degree of freedom, they can at least avoid getting hunted and shot at, and hope to have themselves acknowledged as people.

"Status" in the group is a special Merit, with three branches: Equipment, License, and Command.

Dots in "Equipment" can be spent as if they were Resources for the purposes of getting military equipment. This covers medicine (even if it is rare or illegal), healing & shelter, weapons, armor (like the ever popular haz-mat suits). basic tools (check the Equipment list in the WoD rulebook) and vehicles.

"Command" represents the character's position in the chain of command. It works like the Allies merit in that it allows the character to request back-up whenever he wants. Roll Persuasion + Manipulation + Command. This is the number of soldiers that will answer the call. They can be asked to fight, and for just about any other odd job, provided the player can explain tp the higher-ups why it related to the mission. These soldiers have average stats (2 in every attribute and skill) and equipment (4 dots' worth of cost split between armor, weapons and any other tool). If you want you can spend more than one success on a single soldier to make them an exceptional individual or on all members to represent a spec ops team. This grants +1 to all attributes and skills and another 2 dots' worth of equipment.

Command also works as the chain of command if the character would be to run into other organization members. If the character finds some one he outranks doing something that the character does not like, he can just tell him to leave, for example. (Again, he'd have to explain it to the higher-ups if he commands someone to do something suspicious or unreasonable.)

"License" work similar to Status. As the organization is officially recognized, with ties to other official branches, it allows them to pull the strings to give entrance or temporary authority just about anywhere, as long as they are recognized to be doing a job. You can substitute License for Status in any other area. For example, a public hospital could be asked to remove the records about a certain patient. The character could be given a diplomatic rank to serve as a body guard to a high ranking politician. And so on. In other words, whether a public office, the military or the police, the character can get out of trouble or ask for special privilieges - as long as he is on "official business".

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