What's what

- Immune - The virus just doesn't grab some people. The Immune merit can be purchased for mortal characters.
- Infectee - Some unfortunates have no defense against the virus at all. They "turn" almost immediately after they are infected.
- Infected/Symbiont - These are the players with Infected templates. What happens is that the course of the disease goes on for a lot longer than in other people. They do not realize what this means, but it means that the virus is capable of bonding with them, for whatever biological reason, and will eventually shape them into a new composite being.
- Chimera - Animals with the parasite. Animals aren't given the chance to get the full template [because we developers are anthropocentrist bastards]. Infected characters may purchase powers to spread the virus to animals intentionally.
- Pariahs/Lost Ones - Humans with the parasite who failed to bond. They are insane and often violent, their fractured human psyches providing little more than a disguise for their ravenous parasites.
- Zombies - Not actually undead but infected people. (Shoot them all the same.)

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