Yenerva Pharmaceuticals

QUOTE: As it stands, we’ve significant gains in batch G-34+ thanks to recent acquisitions.

Some people think Cherion is the only corporation with a stake in the paranormal. Not so. For the past thirty years, Yenerva, Inc. has led the way in identifying and eliminating many diseases that have managed to slide under the media radar, as well as providing affordable pharmaceuticals, both generic and “homemade”. The question, then, is how they became involved in the dark world of the Vigil in the first place.

When he left Bristol-Myers in 1967, Dr. Oscar Pool was already a valued researcher into the behavior of certain diseases and their pharmaceutical cures. On his leaving, he entertained the idea of maybe starting his own company. When his wife came down with a disease that appeared to keep her from sleeping for nights at a time, even with heavy sedatives, both legal and “questionable”, Pool slowly found himself realizing that there was more to disease than just simple bodily malfunction. Bringing together some of his closest friends from medical school and his career, he made every attempt to cure his wife’s condition, only for her to die from her body having been unable to replenish itself fully from sleep. Even in her deteriorating mental state, however, she managed to whisper, “Save the rest.” While others would have simply written off her words as the ravings of an addled mind, Pool took it as a sign that there were other individuals affected by the same condition, and decided that his company had to be made.

Using his wife’s maiden name as the brand, he and his fellows brought together fresh young minds from the nation’s medical schools and set to work, cataloguing and studying those they managed to lure in under the guise of legitimate medical testing. It was also around this time that Yenerva realized that there was a wider world of infected out there, fighting their own battles and wars between each other. The fear was that these diseases would mutate, that they would easily spread and infect the majority of the population struck fear into the hearts of these men and women, and a drastic course of action was decided; any individual found with these diseases would be quarantined, against their will if necessary, and use them to find a way to eradicate these diseases once and for all.

Then came the first field experiments, a resounding and utter failure. Seven recent hires lost trying to subdue a man that could use their own employee’s bioelectric energy against them, even force bolts of electricity out of their body, with the disappointing end result of the subject escaping. Angry, frustrated and searching for blood, the hunters for Yenerva decided to arm up. It was around this time that their first drugs finally hit the market, and a steady base of income that would keep their hunters in supply.

Despite knowing other hunter organizations exist and are involved in similar pursuits, Yenerva has one unwavering rule; Cure the disease, don’t spread it. A look at the hunters in the “Company” gives them all the incentive they need to stay away from any kind of purposeful infection. They have resolved themselves to keep their humanity, no matter the cost.


As far as Pool and his group are concerned, it is those they consider “Infected”. Once any mundane disease or pathogen is ruled out, the goal then becomes finding out what caused the disease, and finding the “kryptonite” needed to eliminate it. Whether it comes from animal testing, kidnappings, or even live vivisections (heavily anesthetized, of course), the goal is to find the cause. Just like any other disease, the key is to eliminate it before it becomes terminal. Once it does, however, well, you have to treat the individual as a danger to themselves and others. Do they kill them? No. But if one were to find the cash-paid labs and storage facilities indirectly owned by Yenerva, they would find makeshift cell on makeshift cell with men and women, even children (or beings that act like children), kept in conditions little better than prison.

The problem is that Pool and the Board of Directors could care less about other monsters. Vampires, werewolves, mages, whatever, they’re not directly caused by disease (Though some of the Cure have spent their free time on theories of their own creation on the hemophagic condition). The course for Yenerva hunters is very clear; the Board is only interested in the hunting of infected individuals, and as long as Pool and his compatriots control the board, that course will not change anytime soon.


The year you graduated, you were damn near top of your class, and the headhunters for at least a dozen companies wanted your name on one of their office doors. So when you opted for the smaller position in Yenerva, you knew it was because you knew the difference you could make in curing the lesser recognized diseases that had killed your little brother. When you were transferred to a small research station in the hills of rural Kentucky, you started to realize what it was that killed your littler brother. You realized that his cure was only a few years away. The methods you decided to take on your test subjects you could easily tell yourself were needed.

You were transferred from the corporate part of the office to what everyone called “Retrieval”. Thanks to your stellar record of being a loyal employee during what had nearly turned into a Federal investigation, your bosses in both said you were the perfect choice for the job they’d picked you for. When they handed you a pistol, you quickly reread your contract. When you read the part about “All transfers lawful and final”, you hung up on your friend who graduated law school. You were so screwed.

You think you’re infected. Despite all the precautions, you feel your face slowly losing it’s wrinkles and your skin getting softer. But your mind is still sharp, if in a disturbing way. You have trouble understand your son’s troubles in high school, and you’ve noticed that where you felt some trouble with chopping up what you knew was a still living human being, you know can do easily. You’ve started to question every move you make.

You’re one of the directors, but that doesn’t mean you still don’t get your hands dirty. The excursion last night, for example, you managed to collect three infected individuals, two with horrible mutations in their skeletal structure, one with a higher than normal amount of chemicals in his system. Far higher than even a natural occurrence. Last week you feel you helped make a breakthrough in finding out the specific methods the disease moves through the human body, including incubation periods. If you could manage to present these findings, you’d prove it wasn’t just your money that got you through life.


Null Mysteriis: These guys are a goldmine of information, especially their journals. The problem is just that they spread themselves too broadly. If they really wanted to get anything done, they’d focus themselves on the cause they feel is most important.

The Long Night: Well meaning moronic bible thumpers who’ve convinced themselves that this condition is one of the ten plagues or some other bullshit. If this were a plague from God, I think we’d all be dead by now.

The Union: The problem here is that it’s people with little to no medical training going out and thinking they can just talk the sickness right out of their community without looking for the root cause, or even trying to take basic steps to protect themselves from infection. Where one cell tries to push the disease out, they wind up infecting their whole community.

The Cherion Group: Dangerous business practices and medical practices rolled up into one stupid package. Willingly exposing yourself to unknown contagions and dangerous mutations caused by disease a long-term health package does not make. It’s shocking they’ve fallen to such depths just to make a profit. Now hand me that clamp, would you? I’ve almost gotten the small intestines out.


Yenerva, as a company, uses a system of yearly performance evaluations to measure employee effectiveness. Performance is measured either by the number of infected individuals contained or any major breakthroughs in research.

1 dot: As an intern or new hire, you probably have a member of the company willing to show you the ropes. Treat this as a 2-dot mentor.

3 dot: You’ve started to learn more and more about those individuals and other creatures plagued by the strange diseases that you’ve learned about, meaning you’ve gained a close understanding about how they work. Treat as as +2 to Medicine/Science: Infected

5 dot: By now, you’ve seen the strange, bizarre and sickening, and you barely bat an eye. You’ve also become well-known in the company. Treat this as +2 in Fame: Yenerva.

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