Pathogen: The Infected

A storytelling game of biological horror

Pathogen: The Infected is a fan-made role-playing game taking place in the World of Darkness, created by Adam J. Thaxton. When the development of the game was put on indefinite hiatus by the author, it was picked up by fans of the first draft on the TvTropes forum.

You can find a copy of the original version here. The discussion thread on the TvTropes forums is located here.

Main Page - Table of Contents

Main Page - Table of Contents - this is where the finished material will go eventually.

Ideas & Discussion

(add a name and whatever you're working on)

Creating a character
Definitions - what means what
Merits - new suggested Merits for the world of the Infected
Lost Ones/zombies - one possible take on these creatures.
System alternatives
new X and Y axis
1.1 Mutation system -unfinished idea that makes mutations a central tool to be bought with tied ATP a al 'Genius'
1.2 Freeform system - design your own Subversions
Creating Chimera - Chimera for the Infected's personal use as helpers and bodyguards (as part of a "Broodlord" Subversion as suggested in the thread)
Feeding rules revised
More reading - if all those horror movies listed in the book weren't enough.
A body divided - Fusion, Derangements and systems for interaction between the character and the parasite
Groups - Wings and other factions
Subversions revised - fixed, tweaked, and re-imagined

Yenerva - Hunter compact dedicated to gathering the Infected for study
Chimera and ATP Zombies - The monsters the Infected can become if they aren't careful.
US Government - The mostly unknowing Federal agencies determined to protect the public from disease.

Subversions revised - fixed, tweaked, and re-imagined
Sanity - an alternative to Fusion, plus rules for mutative decay
Resonance and ATP - an alternative progression of Resonance to reflect the importance of ATP, plus revised feeding rules
Symptoms revised - fixed, tweaked, and re-imagined
Philosophy of the game
Factions - terminology, tiers, and explorations

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